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Friends Church Machakos was established in August 1999 and registered under FRIENDS CHURCH (QUAKERS) KENYA, NAIROBI MONTHLY MEETING, a Subordinate meeting of NAIROBI YEARLY MEETING. The church is located along Machakos-Wote road near Kibosho General Shop, 1.5 kilometers from Machakos town.


The Nairobi Yearly Meeting established programs such as Quaker Men,Quaker Women (USFW),Quaker Youths(NYAFP) and Quaker Children ministry for the promotion of social well being of the members,below is the the constitute of the members for Friends Church Quakers Machakos under the above programs

Nairobi Young Adults Friends Program(NYAFP)


Quaker Children Ministry


United Society of Friends Women


Quaker Men


Our Doctrinials


A well-resourced, gospel preaching and Christ-centered church.

Mission statements

To preach and teach the Gospel of God's love and salvation through Jesus Christ to all mankind

Core Values

Prayer Centered,Humility,Integrity,Stewardship,
Oneness,Family,Excellence,Responsible citizenship,Impartiality and Outreach


To preach the Gospel of God's love and salvation making known Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in all its services to all people in accordance with the Holy Bible and the Quaker Statement of Faith & Practice.

Church Leadership

Josephat Mbaluto

Presiding Clerk

Presides over all business sessions of the church.

Jully Masinde

Vice Presiding Clerk

Presides over all business sessions of the church. in the absence of Presiding Clerk

Erick Chibini

Recording Clerk

Records, maintain and preserve minutes of all business sessions.

Simiyu Silas

Vice Recording Clerk

Deputize the Recording Clerk or perform all such duties in the absence of the Recording Clerk

Pauline Makau


In charge of church finances

Colletah Majanga

Vice Treasurer

Shall assist the treasurer or perform all such duties in the absence of the Treasurer


Friends Church (Quakers Machakos,Enjoys services of vast leaders who have stood with the church and enabled the church grow in many area. This is what they say about the church

Friends Church (Quakers) Machakos is such a blessing to me. Having been in the church since 2016 to 2020, Listening to each message from servants of God positively impacted my salvation. Finding a place of worship where God’s servants are willing to sacrifice themselves to help members grow spiritually is refreshing to the utmost. I believe anyone willing and ready to grow spiritually and victorious in Christ will find fulfillment at Friends Church (Quakers) Machakos. Thank you and may God bless Friends Church (Quakers) Machakos.

Mark Wafula
Former Recording Clerk

friends Church Machakos

Friends Church(Quakers Machakos is indeed the place to be,having Joined the church in 2016,have seen people grow,talents being raised, Opportunity being shared and indeed a place to call home.The church has realy natured me be the person i am today, should you be looking for a place to grow and experience God's love,I humbly recommend Friends Church (Quakers) Machakos to those who desire faithful teachings of scripture with a great diversity of useful topics relevant to the daily Christian life.

Mercy Nyongesa
Former NYAFP Vice Chairperson

friends Church Machakos

Having Served Friends Church Machakos from the Year 2018 to 2020 as there Pastor,i can confidently say it is a wonderful church with great potential.It is indeed a place to be, where they celebrate life,gifts and everybody including you.God Bless Friends Church Machakos,God Bless us all

Pst Nixon Lungaho
Former Pastor

friends Church Machakos

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